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Great root canal!

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Endodontist rocks!

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More patient stories...

"Thank you so much for the work that you did on my sore tooth. Your attitude was great and I found I actually looked forward to your appointments (strange, I know!). Your tact and humor made the time in the chair pass by rather quickly. Thank you for that." Jim

"Just a few sweets to you all to thank you for your good work on my tooth and your care and kindness. My tooth is behaving like an angel. Bless you all for your wonderful doctoring." Eleanor

"Well, it's difficult to say you're thankful to have to see a dental specialist for anything. It means something either hurts or needs to be fixed, or both! But I am thankful I was referred to you guys. It is clear you know what you are doing and you care! Thanks!" Morris

"Dr. Conner and her team (Colleen, Kris and Tricia) are the best! Dr. Conner has the best chair-side manner. I went to Dr. Conner to have her repair a root canal originally performed outside the US. She is meticulous. She explains everything as she does it and goes out of her way to make sure the experience is painless and pleasant. Somehow Dr. Conner and her team make the experience of a root canal actually fun!! I highly recommend them to anyone looking for an Endo procedure. - You guys are the best!" Kris

"To my dearest Deb and Tricia - Thank you from the depths of my achin'-breakin' root canal for everything you did for me during such a tumultuous time in my aging life. I truly appreciate your bending over backward (or more literally, over my numbed face) to make me feel comfortable and safe. Any broken tooth or heart I come across in the future will most definitely get a referral to you (and your masseuse) with only my highest regards." Emily

"Thank you so much for fixing my tooth. I dreaded having the procedure but you all did a beautiful job and I felt no pain!!! Your compassion and caring meant a lot, too. Thanks again!" Laura

"Thank you so much for the outstanding care you and your staff provided me! Your expertise and warmth made a root canal quite tolerable. Your staff rocks!" David

"I'm so grateful to you. Just want to say 'thank you' again because of how nice and thoughtful you've been. And the awesome job you did for me. I really appreciate it." LaTonya

"It has been my pleasure to be your patient. Thank you for saving my tooth, when others would have pulled it for greater profit. I appreciate your time and professional treatment." Richard

"Thank you very much for taking such great care of me. I appreciate your kindness and professionalism." Ewa

"I'm not in the habit of sending holiday cards but a desire to acknowledge kindnesses offered me this year encouraged me to do so. Thank you again Deb for your generosity, knowledge, skill and advice. I know my overall experience would have been much different without your help." Cynthie

"To all of you! What a great job. If I had to have a root canal, I came to the 5-star office and staff. Thanks, Dr. Conner, for talking me through the procedure. Truly, treating root canals have come a long way in 15 years! You have made it the best way! Peace and thanks." Judy

"I don't even feel like I had a root canal. And, the staff was so nice I felt like we were old friends." Eloys

"Dr. Conner has the best bedside manner of any health care provider I've been to. Ever." Ken

"I wanted to thank you all for the WONDERFUL job you all did on my tooth. I came in hurting (severe pain), you took me as a patient right away, made me feel special, like I was part of the root canal family (not just a patient), walked me thru the procedure. Once it was over you called and checked on me several times to a make sure I was ok. I feel like one of the girls. Love the picture on the homepage. I don't want to hurt and have to come back but want to come visit!!" Charlotte

"I went to see Dr. Conner with some bad nerves and came out that first day relieved knowing someone knew what my problem was and was willing to fix it. Dr. Conner worked on me for 5 months [rare, but sometimes necessary to save the tooth!] and made every trip painless and relaxing...The staff at Dr. Conner's office are the best — Jennifer, Kris, and all the others. Thanks." Donna

"Thank you so much for treating my tooth. I feel so much better since I saw you! My tooth feels great, so I'm doing a lot of eating. You are such a kind person, and an outstanding clinician! I really appreciate everything you did for me." Matt

"Thank you so much for checking up on me after the procedure. I had no pain or discomfort that I can recall. You gals ROCK! If ever I need another root canal I know who I'm calling!" Christopher

"I wanted to thank you again for everything you did for me regarding my tooth. It feels great! Thank you for your kindness and generosity." Kristi

"Frank and I are most grateful for the emergency appointment. The accommodation during your lunch hour, and probably beyond that, was so kind." Pat

"What you did for me meant more than words can say. Thanks again." Sylvia

"Thank you very much for making me feel comfortable during my visits to your office." Tanya

"Thanks for taking away the pain and helping me deal with the procedure." Beverly

"Thank you for your wonderful work on my tooth and for being so good to me." Eleanor

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you have done. I am feeling much better. Your office makes people feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you again." Trisha

"This is just a note to let you know how much I appreciated the great treatment I received from you all. You could not have been any nicer or made my visit any more pleasant. I felt so at ease and always knew what to expect during the procedure, along with your concern for my being comfortable and pain-free. I will truly recommend you to anyone that might need your services." Juanita

"Thank you very much for your unbelievably generous work on my root canal. I truly appreciate your kindness and professional skill. When I finish my medical training, I will assist others as you have assisted me. Thank you very much again for your great help!" Miriam

"Thanks for a fine job! Best root canal I’ve ever had." Dave

"Thank you for your kindness.” Note on flowers sent to office." Diane

"Thank you all for very professional and kind service! Thank you for making us both feel comfortable!" Terry

"Thank you for working with my crazy budget." Brenda

"Thank you so much for working me in as an emergency patient – as you know I really needed you! From Jennifer at the Front Desk all the way to Nana, I felt very comfortable and extremely happy with my care. You are so good at explaining everything and making me feel such trust in all you did. Thank you! I enjoyed the music and your singing – and I appreciate you asking me what I wanted to hear and the blanket was good also. Keep up your good work. I have let my dentist know that she should send all of her patients to you." Jennifer

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Patient Stories

Patient stories

"I wanted to thank you and your staff for everything you have done. I am feeling much better. Your office makes people feel welcome and comfortable." Trisha

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