About Us

First and foremost, we are committed to providing our patients with the best care possible. One way we exemplify this is by keeping two emergency appointments every day to take care of people in pain.

Deb Conner, MDiv, DDS, MS:

Dr. Deb Conner, Durham Endodontist, and GizmoDr. Deb Conner is a Durham, NC, endodontic specialist committed to your care. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill Dental School for both her DDS degree and her specialty MS degree (including her Endodontics Certificate), she is a native North Carolinian with deep roots in the Triangle area.

Each year while practicing dentistry and while earning her specialization degree, Dr. Conner attended continuing education programs throughout the country to improve her knowledge and skills. As a specialist, she continues to seek out the best continuing education available to stay current in her field and provide the best care possible to her patients.

While earning her specialty degree in Endodontics at UNC-CH, Dr. Conner's research involved using patient demographic and health data to study possible correlations between health issues (diabetes and high blood pressure) and endodontic treatment outcomes. She did not do any animal research during any of her studies.

Professional associations:

American Association of Endodontics
Tar Heel Endodontic Association
American Dental Association
North Carolina Dental Society

Before her dental degrees, Dr. Conner earned a Master of Divinity from Duke University Divinity School and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Meredith College (in Raleigh) where she majored in Religion and English.

Our Staff:

Each member of our staff is as committed as Dr. Conner to our patients' care, comfort and well-being.

(You don't have to be a dog-lover to work here, but apparently it helps! We also have photos of our staff and patient pets in our waiting room and website so send us your favorite pet pictures for our collection.) Here are more pet photos and some fun staff photos (and a few of Dr. Conner she doesn't know I'm putting on here!).

Kristen Thompson - assistant for Dr. Deb Conner, Durham Endodontist Kristen Thompson and Colleen Barrett are our chair-side assistants. They bring great caring and enthusiasm to their work (not to mention their own distinct senses of humor). Colleen Barrett - assistant for Dr. Deb Conner, Durham Endodontist
Mari Estrella - cleaning assistant for Dr. Deb Conner, Durham Endodontist Mari Estrella is our cleaning queen! Besides sterilization and cleaning our operatories after each patient, she also keeps the rest of our office shining. And, she does a detailed cleaning of every room on a regular schedule.
Tricia Santos - practice manager for Dr. Deb Conner, Durham Endodontist
Tricia Santos is our practice manager. With a major in Social Work at West Virginia University and a Master of Divinity degree from Duke University, Tricia is able to help our patients deal with the fear, anxiety and stress most people feel when they find out they need root canal treatment. She also had her own computer consulting and training business for 18 years so she can do all that left brain stuff, too.

(Okay, it's a really old picture. But, Sasha was my all-time favorite dog!)
Tricia - durham endodontics practice manager